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Rowell is a Chinese company based in Dongguan, China, with our experienced working team, Rowell designs, develops, manufactures and distributes extreme efficency edge-lit solutions to achieve our clients.


No matter how small or large the application, our experienced team will work with you to provide the high quality edge light solution for your project, to let your creative ideal come ture.


With our commitment to efficient design and our eagerness to embrace latest LED LGP technologe, we are able to produce a syncritic harmony between art and technology. At Rowell, we are not only provide the super slim LED light box and light pockets and also can do the custom LED edge-lit solution based on our advanced LGP technology for architectural, commercial and residential etc..


And now Rowell specializes in ultral slim LED light pockets, Aluminum frame LED light box and LED light Pad etc., Rowell LED edge-lit products with advantage features below:


1.    Ultra Slim, the thickness of the panel can be 8 mm;

2.    Extremly Bright, With our advance LGP V-Cutting technology, to ensure the LED light spread evenly on the panel, without dark area;

3.    Long Life Span: Applied high quaility LEDs, that make sure the long life of LED  panel.

4.    Environmental friendness: low power consumption, low carbon.

5.    Custom made: Besieds the standard sizes, we can do the custom size according to your design.